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Our Story

The best way to truly immerse yourself within Bawa* culture is through your taste-buds – allow Kebab Bistro to be your guide.
This  standalone Indian restaurant in Dubai  has brought  Parsi cuisine to this region, and will serve you nostalgia with a contemporary twist – from the classics to delicately spiced, flavorful Kebabs.
Join us as we accompany you though youthful reminiscences of South Bombay, to those beautiful, rustic, stone halls where you devoured a Mutton Dhansak, Sali Boti or a Patra-ni-macchi. Recapture your college days where you and your gang fearlessly indulged in Parsi-breakfast specialities… Bun Maska, Akuri and Kheema pav, chai!

*‘Bawa’ is a slang used to refer to the Parsi community in Mumbai.

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Our Menu

Cutlet AED 10
  • Spicy mutton mince cakes fried with bread crumbs and egg batter
Kheema Pattice AED 10
  • Mutton Mince stuffed in potato patty fried in bread crumb and egg batter
Chicken Farcha AED 70
  • Bone in chicken fried with egg and bread crumb batter (full chicken)
Patra Ni Macchi AED 18
  • Steamed fillet of fish marinated with green cocout chutney wrapped banana leaf
Russian Pattice AED 10
  • Patties made of shredded chicken shredded cheddar cheese and cream marinated mashed potato deep fried with egg batter
Paneer Pattice AED 10
  • Minced Paner stuffed in Potato patty fried in bread crumbs and egg battar
Dhansaak AED 40
  • Chunks of boneless mutton cooked to perfection with mixed lentils served with caramalized basmati rice and a traditional kachumber - a traditional salad of onions marinated in vinegar
Sali Boti AED 40
  • Chunks of boneless mutton cooked in spicy tomato gravy served with crispy potato vermicelli
Dhun Dar With Prawn Patio AED 45
  • Yellow lentils with special tempering served with steamed basmati rice and prawns cooked in spicy tomato gravy
Mutton Pulav Dal AED 40
  • Boneless mutton cooked on dum with fragrant basmati rice served with Veg Dhansak Dal
Fish Vindaloo AED 40
  • Chunks of boneless fish cooked in thick tangy spicy gravy
Khichri Kheemo AED 40
  • A spicy and tangy mutton mince dish cooked in tomato gravy served with yellow rice and cachumber
Fish Seekh Kebabs AED 35
  • Chargrilled fish seekh kebab with special marinate wrapped in whole wheat Paratha with Onions and special green chutney
Chicken Malai Boti AED 28
  • Succulent boneless chicken cubes marinated with a creamy marinade cooked to perfection over charcoal grill
Mutton Seekh Kebab AED 35
  • Char grilled Mutton mince with Bistro style marination
Tandoori Chicken AED 30
  • A popular Indian dish of chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt and special spices grilled over charcoal to give a rich flavor
Mutton Bihari Boti AED 35
  • Chargrilled chunks of boneless tender mutton mainated in thick spicy marination
Mix Grill AED 55
  • Chicken Malai 4 pcs
  • Chicken Seekh Kebabs - 2pcs.
  • Chicken Tikka 4 pcs
  • Mutton Bihari 4 pcs
  • Mutton Seekh Kebabs - 2 pcs.
Egg Chutney Pattice AED 10
  • Boiled Egg and green coconut chutney stuffed in potato patty fried in bread crumbs and egg batter
Resa par edu (mutton) AED 37
  • Pulled Mutton in a spicy gravy topped with Eggs
Sali Par Edu AED 25
  • Mildly flavoured potato vermicelli cooked with onions and topped with eggs and cooked,
Tomato par edu AED 25
  • Spice tomato gravy topped with eggs
Kheema Par Edu AED 37
  • A thick, spicy and tangy mutton mince dish cooked in tomato gravy topped with eggs and cooked till egg yolks are medium cooked
Akuri AED 12
  • Eggs cooked along with a mixture of onions, tomatoes, chilies, coriander- cooked till a bit on the runny side

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