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  • 5
    Naqqash Jaleel

    Living nearby for 2 months just popped into this little hidden gem. Awesome is the word. Was blown away by my kebabs, the flavour and freshness + the mint lemonade was refreshing.

    This is definitely going to be a regular haunt for us in the future. Good luck kebab bistro. Stay strong and stay hidden 😄

  • 5
    Parvathi Nikhil

    Came here for a birthday treat.. a small and cosy place. For the first time tried parsi food and it was out of this world. The staff are really sweet and helpful while ordering. The food is just too good. Would love to go there again and again.
    They should maintain their air conditioner soon.

  • 5

    We ordered a delivery at home and decided to opt for the safe bets from a Parsi restaurant which was chicken sali boti and parathas for the main course and a portion of veg samosas for starters. All were exceptional in taste and the mint chutney that accompanied the Samosas was amazing. Quite a substantial quantity for the price. Will certainly be ordering from here again.

    Update: even though they moved to karama, they were willing to deliver a not so expensive order all the way to jumeirah! Hats off to their customer service!!! Thank you.

  • 5

    Finally a place with the right amount of spice and the most Amazing Bawaji food I had. All the food was good. Chicken, lamb, patrani machi all of it. Egg Patrice with a very unique and peculiar taste - wish I know the recipient. Small place with well looked after and one can vouch about the cleanliness and servers friendliness.

  • 5
    Khushnawaz Mistry

    Amazing, Excellent & Fantastic are just a few words to describe this place for all the food they serve specially Parsi ! Home alway from home for someone us for sure. The only place to get the most authentic Parsi food in the UAE. Very friendly staff & great ambiance. Oh pocket friendly too. Surely a must try place for quick service & yummy treats.

  • 5
    Khalidyusuf Belgaumwala

    Excellent quality and takes you down memory lane to Albless Baug or Colaba Afghan Church. We relished the Salli boti, Dhansak & the egg chatney patti. 🙂

  • 5
    Zarwan Divecha

    Happened to visit this humble eatery during my last visit to Dubai. Honestly some of the Indian food served here was better than what i have tasted in India. The fish kebabs were mind blowing & never had anything like that before. And the Biryani too was a delight. The next time i visit Dubai Kebab Bistro is surely gonna be one of my eating stopovers. Cheers guys!! Keep it up

  • 5
    Manu Yoganand

    My first encounter with Kebab Bistro was almost a year ago... A friend of mine took me to this place for dinner.. The place is great for a quick cozy dinner and serves awesome delicious food. This tiny place betwen the small lanes of Al Safa, serves one of the best kebabs in town. Ever heard of FISH SEEKH KEBAB ?? Taste it here.. and you will relish it for life... His other main courses are also finger licking good...

  • 5
    Natasha Sadri

    Brilliant Parsee food as always!! Love u guys!!

  • 5
    Pamela Shingadia

    I have no words to describe how amazing n homely the food is. I have always loved parsee food. Their mutton pattice is just delicious with the right amount of filling n potato. It's like a marriage of flavours in their food. Love it.

  • 5
    Baku Bharucha

    Kebab Bistro specialises in Parsi food delicacies as well as everything else. I have ordered many times lunch for office parties and everyone has loved the food. Excellent food service and ON TIME delivery...thumbs up n full 5 star rating...

  • 5
    Ümãŕ Mùkhťåř

    Last night I offered dinner to my best friend and enjoyed chicken tikka it was awesome and yummy.. The staff was very copra time with me. I'm lovin it. I still remember last night...

  • 5
    Anandita Clint Egbert

    Nice Parsi food. Just like home. Friendly staff. Would surely recommend this place. The dhansak, tea and pattice were perfect.
    Looking forward to tasting the other dishes. Will be back for sure

  • 5
    Amlan Sengupta

    Went in hungry, came out satisfied. Finger lickin good food. Great service. Very reasonable. Guess this is the first time I have 5 star to any restaurant. Every single dish that we ordered was super delicious. We were full but still kept eating. Almost fell asleep after finishing off our lunch. If only kebab bistro had a bistar 😛

  • 5

    A small joint in karama which is famous for parsi specialities. Tried the mutton dhansak which this place is famous for. They got varieties of kebabs to choose from. Very neat place with a good hospitality. Would recommend

  • 4.5
    Molin Pinto Dalmeida

    In a cozy corner of Karama, being in Karama having a place so quiet with ample parking just the thing any Dubaiian would expect. With minimum basic interiors, the ambience meets the background. The service is very foody friendly. The person who served us appeared only when he wished him around. He understood his clients requirements too well. The food came in perfect timings. To make it more perfect, the taste of food was so great and dhasak was so much like 'mom's cooking. If you are foody but if you hate overeating unlike other places un Dubai where the food gets excess, this place has understood the needed quantity. I loved everything about Kebab Bistro.

  • 4.5
    Jal Olia

    Rated   During my last visit to Dubai, I was fortunate to be invited to Kebab Bistro accompanied by no other than the Owners themselves.
    On given a choice I ordered a sumptuous Parsi lunch consisting of Patra fish, chicken farcha, et al.
    I also gorged on the Delicious chaats like bhel and sev puris. The feast ended with the delicious Lagan nu Custard. Being a Parsi myself, I could appreciate the authenticity and quality of the dishes and the portions served.
    The service was also very courteous waiters in immaculate livery. The environment was clean and quiet though all the tables were occupied. All the diners were busy gorging on their ordered dishes and the atmosphere was quiet.
    One might conclude that I received special attention because I was accompanied by the owners. But not so. All the patrons were receiving the required attention and service.
    I wish Vistasp (a veteran from the catering college in Mumbai) and his caring wife Oofrish, all the very best and hope they would grow and spread their branches.
    I would certainly recommend one and all to experience this dining experience where you would feel at home even though you may be far from home.
    My mouth is watering at this moment of my writing this review.
    Jal Olia

  • 4.5
    Charmaine Taraporvala

    Yummy Kebabs, tasty Parsi cuisine, great delivery service!
    Difficult to find the first time, but pretty simple once you get your bearings.
    My personal favourites are the Chicken Biryani and the Fish tikka  along with some Sugar cane juice 🙂
    As a Parsi, I can vouch for the authentic taste of their Parsi dishes.
    Am a regular and will continue to be one 🙂

  • 4.5
    Rohit Sangtani

    Rated   If there is one restaurant in Dubai which fits the bill of a hidden gem, it would be Kebab Bistro. Seriously, you can't find this place without a map open on your phone. But doing so is absolutely worth it.

    The small complex that this eatery calls home is the only commercial property in a long row of residential villas, but you can easily find parking next to the mosque nearby. Once you do, you'll be greeted by a cosy little courtyard surrounded by potted plants, filled with wicker furniture. Hello winter hangout. Inside is a more subdued affair, with a row of about 4 tables & barely any extra space. The walls are busy, filled with photos of delicious looking Parsi food. Yup, you read that right. This little place actually has authentic Parsi food. Now why didn't I know that before?

    Barely containing my excitement, I realized I had forgotten half the names of the Parsi dishes I tried in Mumbai years ago, only remembering the taste. The guy at the counter, who was also serving us for the night, gave me a nice refresher, pointing to the photos on the wall, as well as pointing out the descriptions in the iPad based menu. I ended up ordering a chicken dhansak (chicken pieces cooked in a spicy lentil based gravy), kheema par edu (spicy lamb mince with fresh diced tomato topped with fried eggs) & even though I wasn't planning on dessert, the lagan nu custard (complicated to describe, but let's just call it a Parsi version of creme caramel) on the wall looked too tempting to not order. The first dish arrived in a few short minutes.

    First came the chicken dhansak, which brought with it the realisation that I had over ordered. The curry & the spiced, caramelized onion rice that accompanied it were easily good for 2 people. Tasting it, all was forgotten. It might not have been as authentic as a Parsi cafe in Mumbai, but it was still one of the best chicken curries I've had in Dubai. The rice was equally good. Now I was excited was the second dish that had just arrived, the kheema par edu. Again excellent. The mince was obviously fresh, and well spiced. The only problem was that I had to eat it with regular Indian bread, rather than a bun, which the Parsis actually pair this with. The spices also could have been slightly more pronounced as in India, but that's just nitpicking. This was supposed to be a side dish, but could easily be a main dish for one person. We had definitely over ordered for 2 people, and the dessert was yet to come. But the lagan nu custard was also a home run, which we chose to demolish rather than the remaining main course, that we doggy bagged. That was a good, good meal.

    Other observations. The whole affair cost me a little less than 100 bucks without drinks, so it was actually very reasonable. The guy at the counter was also really knowledgeable about the menu, so full marks for that. But there's no wash basin, which is a negative (the guy was nice enough to offer a bottle of sanitizer though).

    On the whole, this is one of the best restaurant experiences I've had recently, so I definitely plan to go back. There's still farcha, sali boti & patra ni machi to be tried after all. You're welcome to join.

  • 4.5
    Darshan Sumant

    Awesome Parsi food...visited them on Navroz/Pateti day and they had awesome combos...
    Really good food and excellent service...
    They even deliver to far off places including even Sharjah!

  • 4.5
    Sanjay Modak

    My wife and I visited this place for a second time. I wanted to test the consistency. It was excellent. The mutton dhansak was superb and the caramelised brown long grain basmati rice was excellent. This is our favourite dish at this place. The restaurant is tiny but has an outside patio that would be very pleasant in the winter. The one waiter there (don't need more in this tiny place) - the same person who was there the previous time -is outstanding. He anticipates your needs and is very polite and helpful. The only slightly negative aspect was the tawa paratha which turns out to be laden with oil or ghee. We will definitely go back to this place and I recommend it highly for wholesome and flavourful Parsi food in Dubai.

  • 4.5
    Where's The Food?

    Dropped by at the Kebab Bistro for the first time on the Parsi New Year and ordered quite a no of dishes. (They say it's one of the best cuisines one must try). Mutton pattice chicken pattice , Papeta Ma marghi, mutton pulao, Patrani Machchi, lagan nu custard. I couldn't finish any of it since the quantity was so much. (And I'm not complaining here 🙂 , packed most of it home).
    Don't forget to try the mint lemonade. Best I've tasted in Dubai.

    Every dish had a different flavour. I just wish I wasn't so filled up as I wanted to try a few more dishes.

    This place is small, could do with a bigger place considering they had so many people waiting outside.

    I wish you guys the best and I really hope you open more branches around town.

  • 4.5
    Raunaq Jamal

    Yum! Authentic Parsi... I recommend. Tiny place, but really good food. Reminded of a place my family use to dine at when I was young. Sigh!

  • 4.5
    Rajiv Castello

    A small cosy little Paris joint - quite difficult to find unless you locate them on Google maps, dishes out the best Parsi cuisine ever! Right from the Salli boti (mutton please), mash dal tarka to the Patrani machi and mutton dhansak - the fare is exceptional!! The joint has no more than 4 tables and 1 waiter, no grand ambience per se, but we keep going back for the food. Would recommend, however, them using Hummour in their Patrani machi instead of the cream dory - it would add a lot more flavour. Finally the dessert - the Lagganu custard just about hits the right notes. . All in all, a wee bit expensive for the place, but surely worth it! Their Friday brunch priced at 45 dirhams is a steal!! Bon appetit. ...

  • 4.5

    Excellent Parsi food which is quite a rarity in Dubai. It r minded me of a legendary Parsi Restaraunt in Bombay called "Britannia" it's not as good as Britannia definitely but comes very close.
    I had a buffet in a lovely winter day in Dubai. We sat outside under umbrellas in the small garden.
    Dhanshak & Salli boti was good. Patra ni Kachin was excellent.
    There were quite a bit of flies in the garden but sitting in the small Restaraunt would be great.
    Thanks you zomato for helping use find this hidden gem of a Restaraunt

  • 4.5
    Rashna Pardiwala Mehta

    Every time I visit this place I get nostalgic. It reminds me of the daily Sunday cooking back at home in Bombay, of dhansak and mutton cutlets. Although a bit oily, it's best dishes are mutton cutlet + dhansak + patra ni machchi.

  • 4.5
    Aziz Ahmed

    Rated   Looking for some Authentic Parsi cuisine kebab bistro is the place they have recently relocated to Al Karama behind options furniture close to the post office.

    After a while I revisited them here in the new venue and it's a newly done up place. Coming to the food they were serving a all Parsi buffet today being Saturday. I guess they do it on weekends traditionally as their older branch.

    Starters. Chicken Farcha. Patra ni Machi Both were really good, today I preferred chicken being a Farcha fan. My partner loved the fish. Delicate soft and moist. Lightly coated with the green marinade and wrapped in a banana leaf steamed.

    Mains. Chicken Sali boti. And rotlee Mutton dhansak with browned rice. Cooked nicely. Tender chicken in a semi thick tomato gravy. The good thing about the chicken was not over cooked and they also had tender meat in the dhansak which is good especially for a buffet so it looks like they really preplanning the whole thing properly. good job.!!

    Dessert. We ordered Lagan nu custard. If I could I would give this dish a standing ovation. Basically it's a cream caramel pudding kinda thing but mildly spiced and extremely delicious. They also have a few more Parsi sweets like ravo and sev. Apart from the Gajar Halwa and GJ. Also we were informed, they introduced a new dessert called the chocolate walnut fudge, which was sold out., so can't wait to try this.

    We met the owners today and they are really sweet. People to talk to. Thank you for your great hospitality.

  • 4.5
    Sahil Banga

    Rated   What makes Kebab Bistro a super-yum diner is that it has everything perfect. Right from the green chutney, cumin infused yogurt and the crunchy salad while you order your food, to the mint cooler that is so refreshing that you’d forget about the Dubai summer. Equally refreshing and amazing is their dahi chaat. The spices in the chilled yogurt make for a tangy chaat.

    Starting with kebabs, the Bihari Boti is exactly how it should be, the authentic one. It comes in a sizzling wok, the aroma and the sweet sound of sizzle enough to make you satiate. The spices are perfect, not too spicy yet lending the flavors. The seekh kebab is spicy & juicy too, best had in their paranthas as a roll, which is splashed with green chutney.

    Coming to curries, I would demarcate their menu into two (which even they do), a North Indian fare starring Chicken Kadhai in the main lead. It has got the oomph factor, the right tang. Not the oily, capsicum-y, tomato-ish, coriander-ful stuff you get elsewhere, but the real deal, topped with green chillies, ginger and coriander leaves. Also good is the Ginger Chicken, something different that you’d have.

    But the winner at Kebab Bistro is the Parsi cuisine, which they are experts at. Whether it’s the subtlety of their Mutton Dhansak, richness of Sali Boti, spiciness of Patra ni Macchi (which comes encased in a banana leaf), crustiness of Prawn Kawab or the goodness of Mutton Curry Chawal, everything here stands out. Every dish is worth celebrating, every morsel worth dying for!

    I have been having these dishes for quite a while now, but lately discovered their Tamota Par Edu, an egg curry which I always ignored to be too humble for my taste, but it overwhelmed me crazy. On a rich & tangy gravy of tomato, they place two poached eggs, and also have the eggs yolk separately cooked and sprinkled on the sides. The heavenly taste is best complemented with rice, which I couldn’t believe it would.

    End the meal with their Laganu Custard. The crust is brown, lending a smoky flavor, dotted with Chiroji nuts. The inside is soft & sweet. This brown-ish custard has a homely feel, something you’d find in a Parsi café in Mumbai.

    Only one advice for those going there: Go super hungry, eat to your heart’s content. The portion sizes are good for 2 people usually.

  • 4.5
    Kiran Sawant

    Very good a first hand experience of the Parsi delicacies which have been hearing from time to time...Patrani Macchi...Chicken Sali Boti...Chapati....Veg Dhansak was with Ghee Fried Rice...Tomato upar Edu...Lagan nu Custard...slurrppp...made our Friday afternoon lunch and no health side effects after was nicely made food...anyone with a big appetite should go for the buffet.. looking forward for there new branch in Karama in another 3 months or so ?

  • 4.5

    There r only few parsi restaurant in dubai. Actually 2 in my knowledge. Thanks to me for coming over here. What a good experience. I agree that area wise it may give u doubts abt it's quality but step right in. A very humble gentleman appears with iPad showing it's menu. Suggest the right dish as per ur pallet or mood. Anyhoo as planned we focused on parsi food.
    Excellent mutton dhansak, patra ni machhi, Sallie chicken boti, roti n paratha.
    Add ganne ka ras ( sugarcane juice ) and it's all worth.
    Service 4 / 5
    Food 5 / 5
    Ambient 2 / 5
    Value for money 5 /5

  • 4.5

    One of best simple food i found here. Being a veggie there was limited dishes to order, however every item was just amazing. First time i found a brown butter naan and that was awesome. Another things we tried was veg kebab, mix veg are were nice.
    Staff and ambience was good. Al together a family dining place with healthy food.

  • 4.5

    After much deliberating over where and what to eat, as our new diet program involved a lot of protein which meant our taste buds needed teasing - we decided to give this resto a shot. I hadn't ever tasted Parsi food so I was quite looking forward to it. When we arrived we were greeted by a very cheerful and kind server. He showed us to our table and brought us the menu, which to our surprise was a tablet! He then helped us picky he most popular dishes: mutton dhansak accompanied by caramelised onion rice, patrani macchi and chicken behari kebab. The food was simple, no fuss and delicious! The dhansak was rich and creamy without excessive use of fat, the rice fragrant and cooked to perfection. The fish was spicy and meat was cooked perfectly: melt in the mouth soft. The chicken kebabs were perfectly grilled in a spicy tangy marinade. I can't wait to go back and try some more of their dishes. Happy!

  • 4.5
    Jasmine Randelia Bavan

    Rated   Kebab bistro is a haven for Parsi food lovers in the heart of Dubai in Karama. It's a cute little restaurant transporting u to the golden era of Parsi's. Even if u are not a Parsi u will undoubtedly feel the warmth of this place. Chances are bright that u will bump into the restaurant owner Mr. Vistasp Contractor who is passionate about the quality of food served at the restaurant. U might find him monitoring the kitchen or attending ever so warmly to his customers. He chooses to serve rotis made of pure wheat rather than mixed with maida. Also the restaurant is using sunflower oil over vegetable oil which is used by most of the restaurants.

    They hav a very cool ordering system too. They giv their guests a tab which has their extensive menu with elaborate pics as also explanation of the dish served with key ingredient list. Their claim to serve the freshest is easily verifiable with a see thru kitchenette where the chefs make and plate up ur food. Their fish kebabs are to die for. They just melt in ur mouth.

    Food once it comes on ur table it will be hard to wait. God alone knows how we waited enough to capture these yummilicious pics. Though we missed snapping the patra ni machhi which was the first to be served and super quickly gobbled up. Rest the photos will do the talking I guess.

  • 4.5
    Aditya Iyer

    The food here is amazing. The kebabs are juicy, spicy and full of flavour. I personally like the Kebab Platter, Kheema and the Dal Mash. They also have a good Parsi Menu with Dhan Sak and Sali Boti. Overall it's a great restaurant to visit again and again.

  • 4.5
    Timmy Sam Thomas

    Rated   Have seen this restaurant a couple of times and finally got a chance to go there. We had gone for a early dinner and hence were the first customers for the evening. Loved the overall ambience and feel of the place. As such I can now see more boutique restaurants in Dubai giving more attention to interiors and finer details to increase the overall customer experience. That's something that will make you stand out and bring repeat customers. The novelty of this place was that they are a great place for Parsi food. I'm not sure if the Parsi angle but I loved the food. Very tasty and delicious. Ordered kebabs, chicken curry and rotis. One special thing I liked was that the waiter advised us the food ordered was enough and don't order more. Well another thing that lacks in many places. Guests might over order food coz the menu sounds delicious but they don't end up eating everything. The mgmt doesn't advise thinking why reduce our revenue. But the point is a happy stomach remembers the place. A overfull stomach tries to forget it. Anyways loved the place and the food. Great job.

  • 4.5

    Went here a few nights ago, with my mother. It was my first time trying parsi food, which I was excited for. The restaurant was quite small but luckily we got a seat. We ordered some Dhansak and Sali Ki Boti with some parathas. The Dhansak was smooth and delicious, with a strong flavour of mutton but no too overpowering.The Dhansak also comes with a generous serving of brown rice, which was cooked in mutton broth so it was also delicious. The Sali Ki Boti was my favourite though. We ordered mutton and the pieces were so tender and juicy, and the gravy was moist and flavourful as we dipped the soft parathas in it. I ended the evening with a masala chai, which was standard, but still very good. All in all, it was a good dinner and I will definitely be coming again to try the kebabs and the chaats.

  • 4.5
    Bhavika Rajiv

    Had tried the kebab bistro few years ago in their jumeirah outlet nd was not sure if this was the same place so called nd checked nd yayyy!!! It was they had shifted to karama....this is parsi food at its best in Dubai along with north Indian cuisine. ....the chicken nd mutton dhansak spot on nd tastes amazing as does the Sally boti. Nd the patrani matchi. ....felt like I was eating in aparsi resto in mumbai....yummm......even the north Indian food is excellent tasting like the sheek kebabs nd black dal nd paneer.......awwsumm food well flavoured nd not spicy

  • 4.5

    Finally visited Kebab bistro and had a wonderful exprience. They serve Parsi and north Indian food. For the first time I tried parsi food and was very tasty. Ordered Dhansak, Patra ni Machi, Mutton cutlet, lagan custord, mutton kebab, chicken behari and masala tea. Patra ni Machi was amazing wraped in a leave with green masala, lagan custord was too good and perfect. I will give full marks to service, very courtious and attentive. This restaurant is in my favorite list now. North Indian dishes are average and Parsi dishes are very good. Overall very reasonable priced. Must try !

  • 4.5
    Arun D'almeida

    25*12'12 N. 55* 15'9' E Take down this exact coordinates as you definitely need them coz this cute little cozy restaurant is situated between the quite residential area ... Must try place

  • 4.5

    The restaurant is a bit small, but the taste and the service is immense. Evn though the place is small; its kept clean. I loved they way they show interest in taking the orders and guiding us for choosing the best food. For starter we ordered kebab and we all loved it. For curry we ordered chicken kadai n mutton dhamsak. Mutton was awesome with the rice that came along with it. The aloo paratha was awesome... Our overall experience was good. Wanted to give them 5 but keeping it to 4.5 coz of the size of the restaurant ........

  • 4.5
    Yasmine Pithawalla

    I have been longing to try this place since a long time and finally did today. To begin with, as soon as I entered, it felt like home (that Bawa vibe:)). We were greeted by this very polite owner who's super sweet to talk to. We chose the weekend buffet which was amazing. Special mention for the Dhansak and patra ni machi. Omg, yummy and how. The whole ambience is so homely and welcoming. The waiters were very attentive and kept asking if we needed anything. And the ultimate dish was the Lagan nu custard... HEAVEN, really this is THE actual Lagan nu custard. Will surely keep coming to try more. A must try 🙂

    P.S: Dear Kebab Bistro, please let me know once you start brun pau maska for breakfast 😍 (counting days)

  • 4.5
    Arti Sinha

    We had an outdoor home catering done by kebab bistro last Friday and it was very well organized by them. The food was very good, and the quantity quite substantial. Enjoyed the never before tasted lagan nu custard for dessert. Will definitely recommend them and will also use them again for any home parties in future.

  • 4.5
    Sheetal Phal

    I would recommend the dhansak and mutton pulav for anyone who misses their authentic fix of parsi food

    Their kebabs are good too 👍

    The parsi connection is loud and clear in the ambience and the setup of the restaurant but I would have preferred to name the place so instead of its current Name as the parsi food that the establishment offers would be the main attraction for this place.

  • 4.5
    Sophiya Salman

    What an amazing place it is. Loved there food and staff. So we ordered dhansaak sali boti nd custard. Sali boti was okish but two other things were so so good.. highly recommended place.

  • 4.5
    Mayank Dhingra

    A very well run outlet that is consistent on both food quality and customer service fronts. The sugar-cane juice is a hit and not easily available elsewhere in Dubai! Atif, Lucky and the other service staff make it a pleasure to dine in or order for home-delivery. Kudos to the management!

  • 4.5
    Shaheen Irani Hreib

    Kebab Bestro is the only place in town that serves authentic parsi food. Their Margi na farcha (parsi style fried chicken) is one of the best i have even eaten. Their parsi food has a home cooked quality to it. oh and don't miss out on the Lagan nu custard at the end of the meal. it's definitely work leaving a little room for.

  • 4.5
    Jasmine Tavadia

    I've eaten at Kebab Bistro several times and also had the food delivered to my home/office on a couple of occasions. Each time, I have been very impressed with the taste and quality of the food, as welll as the prompt service/delivery. The kebabs are particularly succulent (the fish kebab is my favourite!) and the Parsi food is authentic and delicious! Will definitely be going back for more and highly recommend it to all foodies 🙂

  • 4.5

    Been there dozens of times and never been disappointed. Chats, bbq and biryani are my family favourites. Service is always amazing - very courteous waiters. A nice little place behind the hustle bustle of Al Wasl road.

  • 4.5
    Sheroo Sukheswalla

    Last Month, I was in Dubai. I visited a lot of places, but the one place that really impressed me, was Kebab Bistro. 

    My first impression was that it was a clean, cozy and comfortable place, with a lot of greenery surrounding it. I found the service to be excellent and the food to be delicious. 

    The authentic Parsi dishes such as the Dhansak, Patrani Machchi, and also the chef's special, the Fish Kebabs, had the right blend of good quality masalas. 
    And, of course, the dessert, the Lagan nu custard was amazing. It felt like i was attending a Parsi Navjote or a Wedding in Dubai. 

    I'd say it is a must visit for all food lovers, especially Parsi food lovers in Dubai.

  • 4.5
    Percy Tantra

    Many thanks to KEBAB BISTRO for providing delicious and sumptuous Biryani lunch and making my treat to office colleagues a great success.
    Most importantly delivering on time and good service.
    My Best wishes Always..... Cheers ... Zarin Percy Tantra

  • 4

    A quaint place located just off Al Wasl Road. Did not expect to see such a tiny restaurant, probably the tiniest I've been to in Dubai and it was still too warm for outdoor seating. But the food made me forget that immediately. We went to eat Parsi food and that is what we got. The Patrani Machi was the best and honestly I didn't pay attention to the other dishes, was too busy savoring each morsel of the fish. Was not a big fan of the custard though.

    Overall, great food. Will definitely try the kebabs next.

  • 4

    Small place, good food, worth the price.

    This is a small place that serves really tasty food.
    They have a menu on the iPad (surprising for such a small place).

    We ordered the mutton pattice. It was mutton keema stuffed inside a potato. It tasted pretty nice.

    Then we ordered the chicken boneless biryani. This is an amazing biryani and I'd certainly recommend you to try it!
    (Found a little piece of bone in the biryani, which was a put off)

    The waiter was corteous too.

  • 4
    Prem Oscar Pais

    excellent place, cozy environment lovely food. need to try patrani machi n aloo parata.. awesome

  • 4
    Darren Britto

    fresh, simple, small, full-filling, tasty
    these are the words i choose to describe the place.
    we ordered the mutton and chicken sali boti, chicken and mutton biryani, mixed grill platter, chicken in yogurt sheek kebab, roti
    the chicken biryani has a zesty zing to it.
    the mutton boti is really delightful.
    the platter is amazing specially the chicken.
    and you get these really soft, almost like homemade roti's.

    the only back draw is this place is in a nook n crany ... but it serves its purpose.

    and you have coupons and discounts from emirates Emirates NBD.

  • 4
    Geordie Armani

    We dined inside, this was a bit bistro as it was a small area, immaculately clean I might add, nice and light and airy. We were the only diners of the day and were greeted enthusiastically by the waiter who offered to help us choose which dishes we would like to try. On his recommendation we opted for the bistro green chicken boti kebab, followed by the butter chicken with plain rice and chapatis on the side. Before the food arrived we were given a small salad with some fabulously fresh raita. Kebab Bistro offers a great selection of kebab, grills, curries, rice and they also has a separate Parsi themed menu. They also offer a great range of party platters for catering, for either groups of 6 or 10 persons.

    more -

  • 4
    Sukaina Dewji Hussein

    The foods great at Kebab Bistro, myself and my husband frequent it a lot, we love the sew puri and mix chat a lot, I always ask for more sew and the waiter who is the highlight of that lil place always knows exactly how I like it and offers me extra every time Im there:) Just love his extra kind service and ever smiling face:)
    The palak paneer is soo yummy with the garlic naan, a must try
    I would say its a great experience for us everytime and we keep going again an again.
    Thanks again

  • 4

    Kebab Bistro does justice to the "parsi" cuisine which is a rarety in Dubai.  The place is a bit simple and difficult to find.  But the food is very good and tastes authetic.  While all the parsi dishes - sali boti, patra na macch, daan shak taste fresh and well made, my favourite remains the chicken and fish kebabs.  The restaurant has a good brunch on Friday.  A must try for Pari food lovers!

  • 4
    Sharon Alvares

    A beautiful hidden gem in Dubai. I visited Kebab Bistro yesterday with my family and had the buffet which was a spread of Parsee delicacies. This was my first at trying out a variation of Parsi dishes and I was impressed. Although seating isn't as convenient the food ticks all the boxes when it comes to quality, taste and hygiene. we also had the Fresh Lime didn't taste like the ones you get in India however No complaints. Definitely a must try for those who like Parsi cuisine.

  • 4

    Rated   The location of this place is hard to locate. It is in back street of the Emarat Petrol Station beside the mosque. It has small indoor for 10 people max & Outdoor with around 10 table in open space. I feel this place is not right for dine in with family instead takeaway is better option.

    Though at very inconvenient place it offers few greatest of kebab wraps/rolls in town. Can choose variety of wraps in veg & non veg option as well. we opted for Fish Seekh Kebab & chicken Seekh Kebab. Both the roll were amazing in taste, filling, hot & spicy. I will definitely recommend this place to try out some great hot & spicy rolls.

    Not to miss the mango lassi with wrap. If you dislike to sweet lassi then you need to advise them to customize that as per your taste otherwise they will make it too sweet.

    While driving around Jumeirah area try to grab a bite of Kebab wrap sometime.

    ----- 31 Aug, 2013 -----
    The location of this place is hard to locate. It is in back street of the Emarat Petrol Station beside the mosque. It has small indoor for 10 people max & Outdoor with around 10 table in open space. I feel this place is not right for dine in with family instead takeaway is better option.

    Though at very inconvenient place it offers few greatest of kebab wraps/rolls in town. Can choose variety of wraps in veg & non veg option as well. we opted for Fish Seekh Kebab & chicken Seekh Kebab. Both the roll were amazing in taste, filling, hot & spicy. I will definitely recommend this place to try out some great hot & spicy rolls.

    Not to miss the mango lassi with wrap too good. If you dislike to sweet lassi then you need to advise them to customize that as per your taste otherwise they will make it too sweet.

    While driving around Jumeirah area try to grab a bite of Kebab wrap sometime.

  • 4
    Discerning In Dubai

    Rated   Came here for a quick meal between meeting friends for world cup matches. Thought it would be a quick stop - and i had few expectations.
    The restaurant is tiny - one of the tiniest in Dubai. 4 tables in a line - with a small table for the cashier. The chef was taking orders while prepping for a huge iftar dawat they were catering the next day. I was the only customer in the restaurant and was taken aback when they tentatively asked whether I would like 'service' (to eat in) after I'd sat down. I decided to opt in anyway.
    I was confused as to what to order because they have a regular indian and a parsi menu. After asking the chef/server I settled for one parsi dish - Chicken Sali Boti and one traditional Butter Chicken. I ordered roomali roti and paratha as the recommended accompaniments.
    The food was freshly prepped and came fairly quickly (about 10 minutes). I've never tried Sali Boti before (or any Parsi food for that matter) and was suitably impressed. Parsi food is like Indian food with a few Iranian touches. Chicken pieces simmered in a tomato based sauce with fried potato crunches on top - to be eaten with roti. The sauce was spicy without being overly so (I had requested it that way) and was just incredible. The potato crisps (sali) added crunch and texture and made the entire dish (hence the name I guess). If you haven't eaten this before I Highly Recommend it! The butter chicken was predictable - a little too spicy for my liking and a little too much cream. But still good. The Paratha was very good but the roti stole the show. It was a proper wheat roti, not a white flour one - and was just done to perfection. Finally I had to take half of the food away as it was too much. At 60 AED the bill was priced right and I plan to return soon to try other Parsi Classics. Chicken Farcha - Parsi fried chicken with green chutney and Pathra Ni Macchi - steamed chutney fish in a banana leaf. So very good. Take a moment to find this place (located by Smiling BKK) in the very back streets of Jumeira behind Al Wasl road. Come try it or better yet get a takeaway. Just brilliant.

  • 4
    Amer Kadri

    Rated   Yeah so one feels you wanna have some typical 'Bava' Food... Bava meaning Parsi... Your green chutney wrapped steam boneless fillet of Pomfret in this case a cream douri I guess - The Evergreen Patra ni Machhi, your well cooked Chicken Farcha and hopping on to your Mutton Dhansak with Rice or the Salli Boti and a not to miss a dessert closer of 'beyond yum' Pudding - Lagan nu Custard..

    This little eatery and by little I mean little if I recollect about 12 if not less inside and of course a seating arrangement in the open which for all good reason is an avoid in Summers unless you enjoy the open sultry air and you prefer being soaked in sweat yet you enjoy having the food... Don't be fussy about the littleness of the place because the food brings back memories of my 7 odd bava classmates who lunch boxes used to disappear and left empty with a small note saying awesome food bava.

    This one is tucked away in the back road parallel to Al Wasl Road so use the maps see the Emarat Petrol Pump on the side of Safa Park take an immediate right followed by the second right... Brave the heat and enjoy the food!!

  • 4

    A delicious Parsi lunch buffet to remember and that too for Dhs 50/person! Here, every dish is cooked *fresh* and only after an order has been placed. That means that you will have to wait until food has been cooked and arrives at you plate hot and steaming. But it is well worth the wait. On the weekends, the buffet spread includes all the Parsi classics - from Chicken Farchi, Dhansak, Sali boti, Patra ni Machi, freshly made hot and soft Rotlis to the traditional Parsi wedding special dessert - Lagan nu Custard. The staff is very polite and makes it a point that the diners are well looked after, inspite of the space crunch and a long wait for the food. Definitely a place to revisit with an empty tummy!

    A more detailed review with delicious pictures in my blogpost.

  • 4
    Monica Kapila

    Rated   Kebab Bistro serves authentic and tasty Indian food in a tiny microcosm of a neighbourhood just behind the main post office in Al Wasl road in Dubai. It’s not somewhere you would come across as you were doing your errands or walking around, you have to look for it but it’s worth seeking out. What did DoinDubai like about it ?

    The outdoor seating area in a QUIET road with potted plants and greenery for decoration. Don’t think The Farm in Al Barari, more simple Greek Taverna on peaceful holiday island
    The food – Kebab Bistro specializes in Parsi cuisine – food that is typical of an ethnic group who originated in Iran but settled in large numbers in Bombay, and their dishes are tasty, different from typical Indian cuisine and well worth trying out
    All subscribers to DoinDubai get: a FREE item of their choice from the Chaat menu (typical savoury streetfood snacks)

    I would recommend the spiced minced lamb cutlets Parsi style and sizzling kebabs either chicken or lamb. Another authentic Bombay dish from the chaat menu is a dahi papdi chaat – a savoury cold dish made with yoghurt and tamarind sauce and crunchy pastry shells stuffed with delicate, crispy Bombay mix type ingredients. One was enough to share between two people.

    The Parsis have adopted a particular Britishness to their cooking (so you get dishes such as cutlets for mains and custards for pudding) but incorporated the spices of Iran and India for amazing results. Their custard pudding was better than I have eaten in many fancier restaurants and was more like a rich crème brulee than custard – again we shared one between two.

    Unlike many reviews posted by bloggers, DoinDubai came across this restaurant genuinely while shopping in the area and reviewed it after paying in full for a meal there, so it is a completely genuine review.

  • 4
    Rashna Saher

    A small restaurant but with the most delicious and FRESH food one can have... the kababs were so delicious and succulent, the chat was very good and so was the biryani and the gravy dishes. Most importantly it was like having your home cooked food. The service very friendly...would love to keep on going back to this bistro again and again...

  • 4
    Urvaksh Tantra

    Tasty fresh kebabs and indian food. The fish kebabs are awesome! The parsi cuisine is very unique, authentic and delicious. One of my favourite restaurants.

  • 4
    Sheeru Jeep

    nice place to have a dine inwith the family......good ambience and loved the way the atmosphere was done. loved the too spicy for the kids..perfectly juicy even for the smallkids.....totally an enchanting experience for thefamily and friends during a period of get-to-gather.

  • 4
    Rickson Joel D'souza

    Great food. Unbelievable prices.
    Patra ni macchi was awesome and so was the dhanksak. Try the dahi alu chat... Everything about it is cold and refreshing. Cutler was great too... Had no space for the custard.
    Don't go there for the ambience. It has an old charm to it.
    Loved it

  • 4
    Perin Irani

    The waiter who served us was very attentive and friendly. One of the best staff in a dubai restaurant. Food quality was ok..there is room for improvement. Parsi ambience n has a mumbai feel to it. Thumbs up for the variety.

  • 4

    Excellent food, hospitality and service. Good Parsi dishes. Dubai needs a lot of quality places like this. Good service provided by the steward Shoaib.

  • 4
    Alma Banu

    The food was excellent. The ambience is good. The biryani is good. The best dish was Dhan Dal Patio., a sure recommendation. The staff are proactive in sharing knowledge about the food and making recommendations.

  • 4

    Good food..something new from the usual food..worth the money.must try their biryani.will definately visit nxt time..nice staff too.enjoyed it..

  • 4
    Yamini Menon

    A yummy dining experience awaits you at Kebab Bistro at their brand new outlet in Karama, absolutely genuine Parsi flavours, besides the salli boti and dhansak (both delicious) in case you are a kebab fan, you must try the succulent mutton seekh kebab, my friend ordered a paneer pattice and masala chai and loved every bit of it.
    If you have been to a parsi wedding ever, you know just what to expect when you order a lagan nu custard and you will not be disappointed as they've got it spot on.
    Friendly staff and quick service, theres also ample parking space outside (which is unusual for Karama) definitely must try!

  • 4
    Asu Fatima

    On first look, the restaurant looks pretty dull, but what it lacks in looks it makes up in taste. I didn't order much just had the mix grill and tawa paratha. Their Raita, even though was spicy, it complimented the grill very well. The tawa paratha tasted just like home made parathas and not at all oily!!!
    If you are a sweet lover, then you should definitely try the gulab jamun!!! Really soft, perfect amount of sweetness with just a hint of cardamom!!

  • 4
    Sucheta Chadha

    Simple and good. Loved the patrani macchi and dhan daal patio. Haven't tasted fish like this. Enjoyed it.
    Staff was very attentive and helpful.

  • 4
    Spice It Up With Sam

    Kheema @ Kebab Bistro - A hidden gem. The name can be deceptive and in addition to some good kebabs, the place serves excellent Parsi cuisine and chats. The seekh kebab, bihari boti, pani puri, samosas and kheema hit the spot. Supplement it with fresh ganne ka juice and finish it with laga nu custard !!

    Follow me on Instagram @SPICEITUPWITHSAM

  • 4
    Enjo Mathew

    I had a take away and I used my Entertainer voucher. I had Chicken cutlet, Butter chicken and Chicken sheek kebab. The food was good and the staff was very courteous and welcoming. Will definitely recommend this restaurant to others.

  • 4

    Nice Place to hangout
    Kebabs are nice
    Avoid Main Course

    Must Try Paatra in Fish
    Bihari Kebab and Seekh Kebab

    Place is usually crowded at Nights

  • 4
    Lisa Alexander

    This was my first time trying Parsi cuisine and it was truly an enjoyable experience.
    Ordered takeaway for dinner one evening when I felt like having something other than the usual North Indian fare.
    We had:
    Sev Puri- highly recommended!

    Mutton Seekh Kebab- the meat was really fresh and tender and had a good amount of spice.

    Patra Ni Macchi- a mild steamed fish with a green coconut chutney sort of coating. The fish was cooked perfectly keeping it moist and flakey.

    Sali Per Edu- a unique dish this is, it's crispy potato sticks topped with eggs. I quite enjoyed this, however, it was extremely greasy.

    Lagan Nu Custard- it would be a crime to not try this. It's a cold, sweet and creamy set custard flavored with cardamom topped with a crunchy sort of nut or seed that I haven't tasted earlier.

    Service over the phone was very efficient and the food arrived piping hot in about half an hour with neat packaging.
    Looking forward to trying the other dishes on the menu.

  • 4

    Finally after hearing amazing things about this place from my friend, we managed to eat here. And I have to say, was not disappointed at all. Although I am from Delhi, I've fallen in love with parsi cuisine. And this place provides plenty. We ordered pathra ni machi, rasa par edu(mutton), tamatar par edu and paneer tikka. It was simply delicious. Wanted to finish with lagan nu custard, but we were too full. Next time. And I can assure you that there definitely will be a next time.

  • 4

    Mutton kabab, Dansak, fish, mint juice, & custard was delicious. Excellent place and food. Must visit for all. Had a good time with family. Cheers

  • 4
    Vinayak Kamath

    Sharjah's Al Afhadil restaurant opened its new branch in Karama. So, we went there last night. Waited 15 mins for the waiter to come and take our order. And, sadly we had to leave from the restaurant because of poor management. The waiter didn't show up at all.

    Next to Al Afhadil is Kebab Bistro. A Parsi restaurant with digital menu cards with loads of items nicely categorised.

    I tried Patra ni Machchi which was super awesome and Sali per edu with chicken and egg which was completely different from all the chicken dishes I tried so far.

    But, our superhero was - Egg Chutney Pattice.

    Thanks Afhadil for your bad service.. last night's amazing dinner at kebab bistro wouldn't have been possible without you.

    Please visit this restaurant and do not forget to order Egg Pattice Chutney!

  • 4
    Sunando Mukhopadhyay

    Rated   A quaint and new restaurant in my neighbourhood, Kebab Bistro has been trending on Facebook for the past several weeks, enhancing my curiosity. So we walked into its Friday buffet lunch. As soon as we were seated, a steward showed us the spread on a Lenovo tablet, tempting us to the buffet. Priced at 49 dirhams per person, it is not exactly a lavish spread, but it covers the majority of the traditional Parsi favourites, and is actually enough to satisfy the yearning for a variety. The Chicken Farcha was soft and light, the Patrani Machchhi hit the bullseye absolutely - piping hot, smooth like silk. The mutton Dhansak was rich and smooth too, but not too heavy on the palette- flavourful and the meat very tender. Finally, the chicken salli boti must be the best among the main course- tingling with tomato and coriander leaves. A baked caramel custard rounded off the buffet. The food is definitely outstanding and so is the service of the attentive staff. But the restaurant is quite small to cater to a large group of friends and I didn't quite appreciate the efforts to swat flies whilst guests were eating- the housekeeping should be finished earlier to opening the gates.

  • 4
    Ashwin Medhekar

    The restaurant has now moved to Karama and it is a pleasant, well lit and spacious establishment now. The staff is courteous and service is fast. We tried the chicken pulav dal and the kheema egg patties. I would strongly recommend these dishes to all those looking to go there. Of course, a meal here has to be wound up with the lagan nu custard. You eat under the watchful eyes of prominent Parsi personalities whose portraits adorn the walls! I am looking forward to going there for more.

  • 4
    Nutan G

    Delighted to enjoy Parsi cuisine in Dubai.
    Although took some time to locate the place, it was worth it. Its a odd location for a restaurant, however has a earthy feel and although small, its quaint.
    Although they have a wide menu, we were keen on the Parsi food. Loved the mutton dhansak and the rice served with it and also chicken saali boti. Chapatis gave a home cooked meal feel. The patra machi was good although not great, however a healthier option to fried fish.
    The lagan nu custard was awesome; reminded me of the delicious maharashtrian dessert, Kharvas.
    Believe they have a Parsi food buffett on Friday. Plan to give it a try soon.

  • 4
    Peri Desai

    Rated   Kebab Bistro is hidden in between palatial villas in Jumeira 2. It has four tables inside and four tables outside. I went when it was empty on a Saturday afternoon and ate until I was ready to burst.
    I ordered the Parsi food as I was missing it from back home in Bombay and finally am living in a city where I can find this sort of fare. Other places I lived I tried my hand at replicating my grandma's excellent Parsi cuisine and failed miserably every time.
    The Parsis are particularly fond of eggs and have Indianized Iranian food - adding masala and lots of flavour to sauces. They're also big on meats, which have also become curried staples in Parsi homes in India.
    I ordered the tamota par edu - a sweet and sour tomato gravy topped with poached eggs, and the chicken dhansak (which came with brown rice).
    The tomato dish came with the eggs slightly wobbly and oozing their yolk into a thick red mixture. It was delicious. This I mopped up with a Parsi chapatti - a slightly thicker version of a regular Indian chapatti.
    The chicken dhansak had juicy tender pieces of chicken floating in a dense flavoursome dal. It was very good. Accompanied with the brown rice it packed quite a Parsi punch in the mouth. Everything was great.
    No one will cook food the way my grandmother did, I know this and have no such expectations. But Kebab Bistro did a damn fine job.
    I recommend going in a group of friends as quantities are big and there's so much to sample. Ask for some lemon to squeeze over your food.

  • 4
    Trevor D'souza

    Just for the placement of this restaurant don't over look this tiny hidden joint

    The food is amazing the grilled is juicy and appeals to the taste bud the Fish Kebabs were soft and just melted in your mouth
    The Dhansak and Sali Boti just felt home cooked
    It's a must come again with so many eating option specially for the Parsi cusine

  • 4
    Vaibhav Arora

    I'd tried Parsi food only once before in Dubai, when we entered this restaurant in a big group of 12. We were surprised that the restaurant is very small (and i mean it). Once we were seated rather uncomfortably, there was space for only one more table.

    But what they lack in space, they make up in food and service. Even though we went on a weekday, they offered us the Parsi Buffet @ AED 49, which was very economical. About the food, their Patrani Macchhi, Chicken Farcha and Lagan nu Custard are must-try(s). The food was fresh, the flavors were brilliant and the meat/chicken was succulent. Top it up with good service and this makes it a go-to place for parsi food.

    Do not go in big groups.

  • 4
    Tariq Hajwane

    Rated   So I was sceptical.. I mean overhyped reviews of a restaurant that I thought was going to be mowed down if not already had been for the canal extension.. But and this is where you need to start paying attention, I might... Maybe, just have been a slight, tad bit.. Incorrect!

    We often fear something that we don't understand, so when i see a Parsi menu where I don't recognise the dishes this had initially cause me to always over look the kebab bistro. But with the help of Google images I had some respite.. A picture of everything in the menu would be of great help but in its absence peeking at the table of others had to do!

    My family originally heralding from Mumbai I was surprised to see how similar Parsi food was to the food we cook at home.

    So here's what I had and what I would ultimately recommend:
    - Mutton Pattice, awesome a lot of potato stuffed with not much keema (spiced mince) word to the wise it's big!! Could have shared one between two.
    - Sali boti mutton, tomatoey rich and meat cooked really week, plush little potato straws to go on top.. Great touch
    - Daal mash, my missus is never a fan but when the waiter said it was zabaradast, he wasn't lying!! Lots of chopped ginger and chilli to give it that kick that I was always like!

    Believe it or not that was our meal, I wanted to try a bunch of other things on the menu but that was my tummy talking over my head but will definitely be back and will definitely further explore the menu.

    I consider myself an optimist when it comes to food but, take heed of some of the.. Negatives might be too strong a words, so let's call them points to note:
    - service, two guys running around like chickens.. Lovely courteous guys but at one point, one of them disappeared half way through giving our order.. I didn't mind but others would
    - similarly we had ordered tea and the guy didn't bother telling us the kitchen was closed until I asked
    - finally only until I had pulled up the guy on the emirates nbd discount (yes there is one, and a good one of that!) did he apply it. In fact originally I think he denied it!

    For me these are all itty bitty things, the place is small yes, but they have outdoor seating, great to sit outdoors given the weather! But don't expect the Burj Al arab expect a real part of Dubai and food that you won't find in any of the headline joints in Dubai.. Be patient, be adventurous and you won't be disappointed!

    If you want my opinion, try it.. If you don't you will, eventually.. You always do.

  • 4
    Mathew Abraham

    Had dinner last night as this homely, cheerful restaurant. The staff were attentive and aware of all the food on the menu.  

    We began with the fish kebabs and Patra nu Macchi as starters, then moved on to the main course of Salli Boti and then the Mutton Dhansak, and finished this with a Lagaan nu Custard. 

    The complete meal was heaven.  It is a gem not discovered and I will definitely vista them again very soon

  • 4
    Oofrish Contractor

    Kebab Bistro is a small place tucked in Jumeirah behind the new BoxPark area. Food is superb, and being from Bombay we enjoy their Parsi food as well as their chaats and biryani. Have visited them several times, but the Parsi buffet on Fridays is absolutely delicious and great value for money at AED.49/- Their fish Seekh kebab is also something worth trying and is bought on a sizzling platter.

    The menu is visually illustrated on an ipad and the waiter takes you through it. Service is also good and quite prompt. All in all a very pleasant experience, even though not too fancy.

  • 4
    Vaishali Bhatia

    Probably the only parsi food joint in dubai.. as i was craving for authentic parsi food which i could compare to mumbai. This place food passes the test undoubtely. Its a pretty small joint could be easily missed even if you are passing by.. nevertheless coming on the food part we ordered mutton cutlet, chicken farcha, chicken salli boti, brown rice and to my surprise all the dishes felt like it came from a parsi house, taste was so authentic and delicious i just couldnt stop my hands. By the end of the meal i was so stuffed to order for the dessert but i made sure to take away their lagan nu custard and have it on my drive back home.. and again i was amazed with the taste..this place deserves full marks for the taste of food.

  • 4

    I was here last afternoon on a random selection from Zomato. Definitely did not disappoint. Its tucked away and has a unique character. The restaurant can seat about 12-15 people indoors but seems to have some seating outside for the cooler months.

    The food itself was fantastic, brilliant quantity and well cooked and flavorful.

    The service was very good and the staff are definitely an asset to the small establishment.

  • 4

    I almost didn't write a review so that I could keep this wonderful little place to myself.
    Go, order everything, especially the fish in leaves and the chaat and enjoy with the super attentive waiter. Finish with chai, a smile, and a very small bill.
    Total convert and I love it!

  • 4
    Asim Mushtaq

    Great kebabs- tried the seekh kebab and the green chicken kebab in a paratha roll.
    Perfect tenderness, perfect spice and above all the paratha, home made.
    Location behind box park, small Restuarant, limited seating.
    Outdoors would be good once the right weather comes back.
    Definitely a repeat place!

  • 4
    Miss Stovetop

    Rated   If you know enough Parsis, you will know that theirs is a cuisine that you cannot skimp on. You cannot go to a Parsi home and simply graze on their food because you are on a diet or are too full already or have no taste for delicious food; you will be met with disapproving glances from the matriarch that will soon turn to sharp retorts about how food is to be eaten, and eaten well.

    Kebab Bistro has all the makings of a Parsi home, without the cold stares and warm heart of a matriarch. It is a small, cozy restaurant in a quaint street, flanked with tiny pots from a nearby nursery, an unassuming barber shop and a “ladies tailor”, a term that you will learn from your Indian friends is not for a seamstress but just a guy who stitches clothes for women. 

    We went here on Saturday for a table buffet, mainly because it had all our favourite items that we’d order anyway. The Paatrani Macchi is a slice of cream dory fish slathered with a green coconut chutney that has the sublime balance of the two vital elements of Parsi cuisine - khatoo-mithu (translating to sweet and sour, and this is why vinegar and sugar are must-haves in every Parsi kitchen). Wrapped in banana leaf and steamed till cooked, this dish is even better when it’s made with pomfret. Kebab Bistro does this, but you need to call and tell them a few hours in advance. There was also the Marghi na Farcha, which is one of the much better versions of fried chicken to have come from the sub-continent. The Dhansak is glorious, a stew of lamb and lentils where the meat is a tender mush and lentils are perfectly spiced. It is served with a simple pulao crowned with caramelised onion slivers over a bed of perfectly cooked basmati rice, where not one grain sticks to another. The Salli Boti is boneless chicken cooked in a tangy tomato gravy with green chillies and served with the Salli - or fried, matchstick potatoes. You are expected to eat these with home-style chapattis, but for a true Bengali like me, it must be ladled over the scented rice previously served with the Dhansak. To wash it all down, I’d recommend just their lemon-mint, a soda or water; my husband ordered a lassi and didn’t enjoy it much. We ordered a single serving of the Lagan nu Custard, but I was left unimpressed - it was missing the Parsi touch that was there is all the other food. It was too dense and there wasn't enough of the caramel syrup on it.

    Needless to say, we were stuffed silly by the end of the meal, and were left contemplating if we should snooze in the car or wait till we reach home and plonk ourselves on the bed for an afternoon siesta. 

    I’d like to add a note. Our first visit to Kebab Bistro earlier this year (sometime in May, I think?) had started out with a little unpleasantness. My husband and I were seated at a table for 4 and after placing our order and getting our drinks, were moved unceremoniously to a rather uncomfortable for two. Now I really don’t mind sitting in a table for two when we were in fact, just two people, but this was ridiculously low and small; and made eating very difficult. Our food was brought to the table and then didn’t fit, so we were asked by the very apologetic and nice server if we could wait another 10 minutes for a table to get empty. He was very sweet and even though we were upset (fuelled by hunger and frustrations of a long day at work), there’s no way anyone could respond to his humble request with anger. Service can really make all the difference, I wish more restaurants would understand this. I didn’t see the same guy this time around, but would have loved to.

    Best thing yet - Salli Boti, Patrani Macchi

  • 4
    Lord Of Food

    This was my first ever parsi dining experience and m so glad i came here... Love hidden gems , love small cute restos. Only sits maybe four groups which means you gotta be lucky to get a spot. First of I would like to say stick to the parsi cuisine, that's the speciality here, the rest is for those guests who come with you and dont wanna eat the good stuff. We had a little bit of everything. The mix grill, paneer tikka, the naan was no available and thank god it wasn't otherwise I could have never tried their tawa paratha, delicious. Sali boti, so so good, dal makahani nice and creamy. Mutton cutlets and some stuffed potato thing I don't know the name of which was subsequently my favourite dish. Everything was wonderful, staff wonderful. Will visit again and make sure I try everything on their menu. Thanks for the experience

  • 4
    Kunal R

    Tucked in a quiet corner in the bylanes of Alwasl, Jumeriah, is this small Parsi place. The food takes you back home to the small alleys of Mumbai or Pune, where restaurants which have been there from "Angrez ke Zamane se" that have been serving your fav "Edu"Egg meals. I personally loved the Kebab Plater that comes on a Sizzling Plate and thier now famous Salli Boti and Tamate Pe Edu.. Do try out thier chats aswell. A Must Visit ...

  • 5

    Being a Mumbaite this is a restaurant to visit. Excellent food, loved the 'patra na machi' and the kebabs

  • 5

    You walk through a pretty rough-and-ready type neighbourhood to get here. It had been my idea to go to this place as we were meeting our friends nearby later on but as we neared the front door, the the dusty pavements and litter flying about made me doubt myself and I started wondering what excuses I could give my husband as to why I think we ought to turn around and go somewhere else...but I'm so glad he'd been let into the restaurant before I got to him. Once inside the place was spotlessly clean. In spite of our odd arrival time between lunch and dinner, the waiter sat us down with not a bit of exasperation as the cooks scurried into the back room. We ordered a mixture of things all of which were exceptional which probably shows how well this place encompasses depth as well breadth in its food. The aloo paratha was delicious, stuffed with spicy potAtoes and whole green chillies. The tawa parathas were so great we ended up ordering a second round. We had ordered papdi chaat for the kids -I tried one and it was stuffed with a spicy potatoe-and-pea mix with the cool yoghurt on top to blanket any complaints about the spice. The kebabs in the mixed grill were soft and tender-the kids found a couple of them spicy but loved the malai chicken tikka so much we ordered a plate of just that. If only this was my local and I could eat here every week!

  • 5

    Being a big fan of Parsi food, this was the perfect solution to my cravings! Must try the weekend lunch buffet which covers all the main specialities of the Parsi cuisine. From Patarani Machhi, Salli Booti to Chicken Farcha and everything in between. Of course no meal is complete with Dhansak which is also part of the buffet.

  • 5

    For the ones whose culinary buds have not had the chance to taste some good parsi cuisine, Kebab Bistro is a rescuer. They serve some very good Parsi Food on their al a carte menu which is reasonably priced. Fridays are their buffet days. People are extremely courteous and the dogs is yummy.

  • 5
    Jasmine R

    Writing this review on behalf of my darling mom in law who had recently been on a trip to dubai and visited Kebab Bistro. "Had heard and read a lot of reviews about this wonderful place meant for foodies like me and above all the bavaji in me which craves parsi food wherever i go. We had been there in a group of 55 pax and were treated to the most scrumptious parsi delicacies of the most mouth watering CHICKEN FARCHAS, SALI BOTI, PATRA NI MACHI, and to top it all LAGAN NU CUSTARD generously sprinkled with the choiciest dry fruits... Not to miss the homemade bhakhras (parsi cookies), egg and chutney pattice which are being sold there too... The hospitality offered by the owners oofrish and vistasp contractor along wid their efficient support staff made us feel at home away from home. I whole heartedly recommend a visit to this delightful little joint tucked away in the bylanes of Bur Dubai... Dont miss it for anything in the world..."

  • 4

    We were Trying Parsi food for the first time, the waiter knew abt it and suggested some dish. We tried Pattarani Machi and Dhansak. I don't know how it shud taste as I haven't tried Parsi food but my first hand experience for Parsi food was pretty good. It was nice and is highly recommended for people looking for something different.

  • 4
    Kailash G

    We just happened to pop in to kebab bistro by chance. And we were not disappointed. The dhanshak and aloo pararhas were as good as can be with nice staff in small cosy bistro. Quite fresh feel to the food. Definitely recommend...

  • 4

    Very impressed by the quality and authenticity of the themed cuisine here. Reasonably priced. Go early to enjoy the experience. Restaurant is tiny but very chic, which unfortunately is such a let down when it gets busy. Our meal experience was washed out as the place filled up fast, which meant the air-conditioning wasn't doing justice to the heads in the rooms. Oh! also to note, they have limited credit card machines which make house calls (when on delivery service) so you end up paying with paper. Interesting tip we learnt first hand.

  • 4
    Rajesh T

    Our first visit to this restaurant recently was at lunch time and for our entire meal we were the only customers there( its a very small place with a seating capacity of less than 20 people). We tried their signature parsi dishes -sali boti mutton and chicken dhansak. We also ordered the Bistro Mixed Grill which are traditional north indian fare and were very succulent and tasty. All dishes were very well prepared and service was good.

  • 4
    Nitin N

    This was the first time I have tried Parsi Cuisine & I completely fell in love with it . Visited this place on a weekday our server Atif recommended us the above mentioned dishes and it was incredible in taste . Each and everything that I tried , nothing fell short on taste and the quality of the food . I also got the chance to meet the owner of Bistro and he shared the concept of the Parsi food & I want to thank him for bringing this concept to Dubai & giving us great Parsi food experience .

  • 4

    Based on a strong recommendation, I visited this Parsi restaurant for the first time for lunch this afternoon and took a good friend along. The venue itself is a small one able to accommodate some 30 diners at one time but the decor is charming. The menus are brought to you on a IPad. The focus is on traditional Parsi cuisine while they also offer a range of kebabs, wraps, biryanis, chaats and vegetarian dishes. We visited purely to try out the Parsi food and decided to share our meal. We ordered the Mutton Dhansaak (a thick gravy of meat and lentils served with fragrant Basmati rice), the fish version of the Khichri Patio ( seasoned fish in a tomato gravy served with yellow rice), and two Patra Ni Macchi (Fillet of fish marinated with green chutney and steam cooked in a banana leaf). We had our meal with Mango Lassis before sharing a portion of the Parsi Lagan Nu custard which is caramel custard with a distinct Parsi twist. The best compliment I can give is that our meal reminded me of the dishes served to me as a young boy by my grandmother's Parsi neighbour in Karachi. Typical home cooking, with generous portions, and very reasonably priced and most certainly a place to revisit - to try out the other Parsi dishes on the menu. Not too many diners around and service was prompt and courteous. Ample car parking is available outside the restaurant.

  • 4

    What makes Kebab Bistro a super-yum diner is that it has everything perfect. Right from the green chutney, cumin infused yogurt and the crunchy salad while you order your food, to the mint cooler that is so refreshing that you’d forget about the Dubai summer. Equally refreshing and amazing is their dahi chaat. The spices in the chilled yogurt make for a tangy chaat. Starting with kebabs, the Bihari Boti is exactly how it should be, the authentic one. It comes in a sizzling wok, the aroma and the sweet sound of sizzle enough to make you satiate. The spices are perfect, not too spicy yet lending the flavors. The seekh kebab is spicy & juicy too, best had in their paranthas as a roll, which is splashed with green chutney. Coming to curries, I would demarcate their menu into two (which even they do), a North Indian fare starring Chicken Kadhai in the main lead. It has got the oomph factor, the right tang. Not the oily, capsicum-y, tomato-ish, coriander-ful stuff you get elsewhere, but the real deal, topped with green chillies, ginger and coriander leaves. Also good is the Ginger Chicken, something different that you’d have. But the winner at Kebab Bistro is the Parsi cuisine, which they are experts at. Whether it’s the subtlety of their Mutton Dhansak, richness of Sali Boti, spiciness of Patra ni Macchi (which comes encased in a banana leaf), crustiness of Prawn Kawab or the goodness of Mutton Curry Chawal, everything here stands out. Every dish is worth celebrating, every morsel worth dying for! I have been having these dishes for quite a while now, but lately discovered their Tamota Par Edu, an egg curry which I always ignored to be too humble for my taste, but it overwhelmed me crazy. On a rich & tangy gravy of tomato, they place two poached eggs, and also have the eggs yolk separately cooked and sprinkled on the sides. The heavenly taste is best complemented with rice, which I couldn’t believe it would. End the meal with their Laganu Custard. The crust is brown, lending a smoky flavor, dotted with Chiroji nuts. The inside is soft & sweet. This brown-ish custard has a homely feel, something you’d find in a Parsi café in Mumbai. Only one advice for those going there: Go super hungry, eat to your heart’s content. The portion sizes are good for 2 people usually.

  • 4

    we were hosted by Nargish Khambatta and husband our whole ishara puppet theatre trust artists at the restaurant.. fr a wonderful dinner here..

  • 4

    One of the best kebab resturant in Dubai, the service, food and price are really excellent. Only the issue is the cooking food smell is in the resturant, otherwise it is excellent.

  • 4
    Xerxes R

    The staff are nice especially the manager seems to b a polite pakistani gentleman. The food quite good all considering. The Dhansak could do with a little spice BUT i understand they cater to a wide range f guests so thats good enough. The Pattices yummmm esp the russian pattice. Now the Lagan nu custard was 5 STARS all the way. All n all a nice COZY welcoming well light up inviting place. I am DEF going back. Def recommend this place guyz Njyy