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Enjoy freshly baked Brun Pav, spread with a generous layer of Amul Maska. Dip it in Chai or have it any other way with our Parsi omelet, Akuri, sausages, hash browns or Kheema.

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AED 20 Kebab Bistro Akuri - Friday Breakfast

Akuri – weekend Breakfast

  • Order of 2 eggs cooked along with a mixture of onions, tomatoes, chilies, coriander- cooked till a bit on the runny side served with sausage, hash brown, brun maska
AED 20 Fried Eggs week-end breakfast Kebab Bistro - Friday Breakfast

Fried eggs – weekend Breakfast

  • Order of 2 eggs fried sunny side up to perfection to the way you like either half fry or full fry, served with sausage, hash brown, brun maska
AED 20 Kebab Bistro Omlette - Friday Breakfast

Parsi Omlette – Weekend Breakfast

  • Order of 2 eggs parsi omelets loaded with onions, tomatoes, light spices, fried in a pan till lightly golden brown on both side served with sausage, hash brown, brun maska
AED 15 Kebab Bistro Kheema Pav - Friday Breakfast

Kheema Pav

  • A thick, spicy and tangy mutton mince dish cooked in tomato gravy served with soft bread
AED 5 Kebab Bistro Breakfast Brun Pav Maska - Friday Breakfast

Brun Pav Maska

  • A generous layer of Amul butter on freshly baked crusty breads make for a great start to your day
AED 12 Kebab Bistro French toast - Friday Breakfast

French Toast – Plain

  • Bread dipped in a mixture of milk, sugar and egg, and fried till golden brown on both sides with butter
AED 18 Kebab Bistro French toast with Chicken and cream cheese - Friday Breakfast

French Toast with Chicken , Sausages and Cream Cheese

  • Bread slices stuffed with a mixture of cheese, chicken, sausages dipped in a mixture of milk, sugar and egg, and fried till golden brown on both sides with butter
AED 15 Kebab Bistro French toast with Cream Cheese Filling - Friday Breakfast

French Toast with Cream Cheese Filling

  • Bread slices stuffed with a cream cheese dipped in a mixture of milk, sugar and egg, and fried till golden brown on both sides with butter

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Reviews from

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  • 5

    We had took advantage of Friday morning and drive to Karama for Breakfast. Try some thing different this Parsi restaurant is serving its own speciality in breakfast. Basic starts with freshly baked Bun with or without Butter and milk Tea served in glass. French Toast salty /sweat creme and both were delicious. Parsi Omelet with herbs and spices were good. In last delicous pudding served.
    Ambiance 3.5
    Service 4.0
    Food 4.0
    Value for money

  • 5
    Shradha Dinesh

    Was invited for a tasting by the owners. The couple who've started this place are extremely passionate about their heritage and their food!

    The decor is a bit all over the place with industrial ceilings and abstract photos on the walls but the place accomidates around 35 guests in total.
    They have delivery all over Dubai. They have a Tuesday deal which is a buy 1 get 1 free on mains. They also have a buffet on Fridays and Saturdays at lunch time (after 1230pm) which I'd want to try sometime.

    They also have the best tea I've tasted in and around Dubai!

    Ordered the ankuri is a plate of Parsi hash browns, sausages and eggs which is absolutely yum!
    Also got an authentic parsi dessert called the Parsi Lagan nu Custard which was very different from anything I've tasted.

    No complaints about food and service; very reasonable and filling. Its a must check out restaurant in my opinion.

  • 5

    Well was invited to try their breakfast menu this morning...the location is easy accessible in Karama and your mornings gonna be superb when you listen to the good English numbers...the menu was delectable and tasty and appetizing with wonderful gesture from the owners and the staff...felt nostalgic as a paavwaala eating the brun maska..highly recommended if you wish to try parsi cuisine...

  • 5
    Shireen Kamal

    We were invited to try the breakfast at the Kebab Bistro a small and simple outlet serving authentic Parsi cuisine with other food items including chaat and a variety of kebabs
    Kebab Bistro owners and the staff was hospitable and friendly and welcomed us by personally explaining details of the specialities served and the weekly offers at the restaurant We were served with special cardamom tea and fresh Bun Pav Maska followed by Alkuri that's the special spicy scrambled egg very tasty served with hashed potatoes and the chicken sausage The keema well cooked with a perfect blend of spices and Pav was equally fresh and delicious French Toasts both salty and sugary are freshly prepared and ideal for breakfast The very special sweet dish Parsi Lagan nu custard is something not to be missed prepared with eggs milk and saffron the ingredients can be strongly felt and enjoyed in every bite you take small round seeds called Charolli seeds are sprinkled on the custard adding taste to it enjoy the appetizing breakfast at the kebab bistro and I'm sure you shall be delighted to visit this place again and again! Kebab Bistro has running deals every day of the week and the lunch buffet served is freshly prepared with a variety of specialities at affordable prices Kamal Mustafa

  • 5
    Dine Out Dubai

    Located at the foodie paradise along Karama, Kebab Bistro is owned by a Parsi couple and offers food that is prepared with authentic Parsi recipes. It has been operating for a long time in Dubai now and has emerged as one the few places that offer authentic Parsi cuisine as opposed to those which merely claim to be Parsi. The set-up is nothing too fancy, but still gives positive vibes. The walls inside the restaurant are adorned with photos of some of the most famous Parsi personalities as well as a few glimpses of this community in India.
    We ordered the Kheema par edu, which was tangy minced mutton topped with eggs. This dish was totally scrumptous. It actually appeared to be very similar to what the overpriced shakshuka tastes in other places. Then, from starters we had the famous Patra ni Macchi, which was a fillet of fish marinated in green chutney and steam cooked in banana leaf. An excellent Parsi specialty indeed and very much recommended. Besides this, we also tries the flat fried Mutton Cutlets and the Chicken Cream Tikka. Both very different in flavor but absolutely appeasing to the taste-buds. The Bistro Mix Grill platter was superb too, the portions were great for the price and we got to try a flavorful assortment of kebabs and botis. For the main course, our orders were the Chicken dum Biryani that came properly layered and aromatic with the infusion of perfect spices, and the Dhansak which was an utterly delicious thick stew prepared with lentils and meat. In addition, the Khichri Kemu served as a good combination of mutton and basmati rice.
    For dessert we tried the Parsi Lagan nu Custard which is a “must-have” sweet dish at Parsi weddings, so you can image how flavorful it must be!
    Our dining experience here was totally worth it. The ambiance and service was perfect. It’s a meat lovers’ heaven down here, although they do offer good vegetarian delicacies too. The A’la Carte menu flaunts many Parsi classics for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.
    The eatery also offers a lavish buffet on weekends. It’s a place where you’d want to keep going back for more. Basically, it’s finger licking good food that can be enjoyed even by budget conscious people.
    For reservations call +971 4327 1211