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Kebab Indian Parsi Pakistani Food Family Friendly restaurant in Dubai

Kebab Bistro


About Us

Kebab Bistro was started in July 2012 by an Indian couple to serve Bombay style Chaats, Kebabs and Biryanis.

Being Parsis, the owners decided to bring the taste of their cuisine to the UAE. Hence Kebab Bistro became the first restaurant in the city to serve a comprehensive spread of Parsi delicacies apart from the above.  It’s also the best place to find sugarcane juice in Dubai.


Parsi Cuisine:

The Parsis came to India over 1400 years ago from Persia and adopted Indian food habits and culture. Gradually, the Parsi cuisine grew into a unique west coast Indian cuisine, which still retains authentic food flavors and techniques from ancient Persia.

A full Parsi feast can be enjoyed at the weekend special Parsi lunch buffet that happens every Friday and Saturday, complete with the famed Dhansak and Patra ni macchi. Furthermore, all dishes are available through the week on the regular menu.  So one doesn’t have to wait for the next wedding to enjoy a full Lagan nu Bhonu (complete Parsi spread served exclusively at weddings).

As there is a large population from the Asian subcontinent here in the UAE, who are familiar with Parsi cuisine and culture, this cuisine has become an instant success at Kebab Bistro.


Our Brand Promise : Fresh is the Flavor  

At Kebab Bistro, we don’t pre-cook anything!

Every single dish from Chaats to Kebabs and Curry is prepared only after you place the order. On the one side the Kebabs start to grill and on the other our chefs begin preparing the Curry, or the Roti for the Roll, or the masala for the Biryani, depending on your selection, because we believe that ‘Fresh’ has a succulent flavor of its very own that nothing can beat.

We use the freshest and healthiest ingredients available, be it sunflower oil over vegetable oil, fresh mutton and vegetables versus frozen.


Order Online:

Kebab Bistro offers you the ease of ordering online directly  through our website as well as through many other portals such as,, 24h, zomato etc.  All credit cards are accepted on delivery and dine-in.

Kebab Bistro
Wasl Ruby Building No. R1002 Zabeel Road near Karama Post Office Behind Home Options Building
Dubai 27254
Phone: 04-3271211