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Top 10 Ramadan Iftar Party ideas

By In Marketing
A long day of fasting needs a fitting conclusion and what is better than the entire family coming together for celebration.

Here are the top 10 items that you must have for your Ramadan Iftar party at home.
Iftar Set Meal

  1. Dates & water mark the end of the fast – So have an assortment of dates over the month, arranged in a lovely glass jars or bowls.

    Top 10 Ramadan Iftar party ideas from Kebab Bistro
    Keep dates and nuts in decorated bowls & jars at hand, all through Ramadan
  2. Instead of the traditional sherbets, try a Lassi instead.  Serve an assortment of sweet & mango lassi, mint lemonade etc in short glasses to create variety.

    How to serve drinks - 10 Top Ramadan Iftar ideas from Kebab Bistro Drinks
    Use short glasses & offer an assortment
  3. The traditional Chaat for Iftar is the fruit or Chana Chaat. However, these can be varied through a live Chaat counter or a ready platter of small bite-size chaat options like Sev Puri, Dahi Puri, Papdi Chaat & Mixed Chaat if you have a lot of guests.

Check with   for a live Chaat counter to be placed at your party.

  1. The ‘not-so-healthy’, fried snacks are the fun part of Ramadan & that must be enjoyed without fail!
3 Chicken Farcha
Chicken Farcha – marinated chicken pieces, deep fried in egg batter 2 pcs. at AED 20, full chicken at AED 70
Mutton Pattice – minced meat stuffed in a potato crust and deep fried in an egg batter AED 10 each. Cheaper by the doz.

Get them assorted and design your own platters with them alongside a raita and green chutney.

5. Kebabs is a healthy option that you cannot go wrong with!

Bistro Mix Grill
Ask for healthy grill options that use less oil and chicken breast only
  • Keep a mix of chicken & mutton botis (boneless pieces) that are easy to pick and eat. There is often a craving for something spicy at the end of the fast, hence a mix of Malai boti kebab options, mixed with the spicy Bihari boti options.
  • If Seekh kebabs are on the menu then make sure that they are cut into pieces that are easy to have, so that one is not restricted due the size of the entire Seekh.

Chicken Seekh Kebab

  1. To make it more filling, the Kebabs can also be ordered as wraps in a whole-wheat Chappati or Paratha. Avoid the maida rotis and parathas now.

    Kebab Bistro Wraps
    Kebabs wrapped in a healthy, whole wheat chapati
  2. Vegetarian options must also be provided for your guests & include the use of Paneer here as much as possible in terms of either Tikkas, Paneer wraps and even Paneer parathas.


8. The Lagan nu Custard is not too sweet or sugary, but rich in proteins. Hence it will serve a very memorable dessert that gives a good boost of energy!

Iftar sweet
Our Signature Parsi wedding custard known as Lagan nu custard

Instead of individual portions, order it as a tray of 1 kilo and make small pieces for serving as required.

9. The best way to end this feast is with a nice cup of Kadak Chai or a sulaimani chai as you surround yourself with your loved ones and share the muse.

Kadak Chai
A strong masala tea to lift your spirits!

10. Since this is the month of caring sharing and giving, make sure that you are also doing your daily bit of that too, after the prayers and the feast.

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