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You know you are a Parsi When…..

The Parsis have a great ability to laugh at themselves!

Every non-Parsi calls you a Bawa or a Bawi. So, one of the sections that we’ve always wanted to have on our blog is about the Parsis in a fun way.

This article “You know you are a Parsi When…..” by Zoran Saher, a happy-go-lucky ‘Bawa’ kid, creative writer/actor and co-director at FilterCopy was the best way to start this section.

Zoran is also a good family friend and has visited Kebab Bistro. So read & if you find it amusing (which you should), SHARE it!

You know you are a Parsi When…..

Being a Parsi comes with many unique and peculiar tags (cause we’re cool like that). My Piece on it!
All my Parsi peeps- I know you’ve all been a part of or encountered half this list, if not all, at some point of time in life.

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